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Voice Lesson in Wylie, TX

Voice Lessons in Wylie, Texas

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Beginner voice lessons provide foundational skills and techniques for aspiring singers to develop their vocal abilities. These lessons typically focus on breath control, posture, pitch accuracy, and vocal exercises to strengthen the vocal cords. Additionally, beginners learn basic music theory and sight-singing to enhance their overall understanding of music.


Intermediate voice lessons build upon the foundational skills acquired in beginner lessons, delving deeper into vocal technique and expression. Students refine their breath control, expand their vocal range, and work on dynamics and phrasing. In addition to further developing technical proficiency, intermediate lessons often focus on interpretation, style, and performance skills.


Advanced voice lessons are designed for experienced singers seeking to refine and master their craft at a professional level. These lessons delve into advanced vocal techniques such as belting, coloratura, and vocal agility. Students also explore advanced music theory, interpretation, and performance skills, preparing them for the demands of professional singing careers.

Voice Instructors in Wylie TX

At Avalon School of Music, our instructors across all instruments are truly exceptional. With a diverse group of teachers boasting advanced degrees and decades of experience, they create a warm and encouraging environment where students thrive. Their expertise spans various musical styles and techniques, ensuring that each student receives personalized guidance tailored to their unique learning journey. Whether beginners or seasoned players, our instructors inspire a love for music while nurturing talent and fostering growth.

Maria Voice Instructor

Wylie - Voice


Maria, a seasoned instructor with professional Opera experience in Brazil, finds fulfillment in guiding students of all ages and backgrounds on their vocal journey. She particularly delights in teaching young beginners as they discover their voices, as well as middle and high school students seeking to enhance their vocal skills for choir, plays, and musicals. Additionally, Maria warmly welcomes mature students who have long harbored a desire to sing but haven't yet found the opportunity to pursue it. Her passion for teaching shines through as she helps each student unlock their full potential.

Isiak Vocal Instructor Avalon School of Music

Wylie - Piano & Voice


Isiak brings a wealth of experience and a heartwarming personality to his teaching. With a passion for nurturing budding talents, Isiak imparts his expertise in both voice and piano, welcoming students of all levels with open arms. With a knack for fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere in his classes, Isiak's dedication goes beyond excellence in performance, ensuring every student feels valued and encouraged.

Jason Vocal Instructor Avalon School of Music

Wylie - Piano, Voice, Saxophone, Clarinet


Hailing from Garland, Jason, with a B.A. in Music Education & Performance from California State University, exudes warmth and enthusiasm in his teaching approach. With a genuine love for music and performance, he joyfully imparts his knowledge to students of all ages, creating a welcoming and encouraging environment. Alongside his expertise in woodwind and brass instruments, Jason's nurturing personality ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience for every student.

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