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About Us...

We welcome all ages and skill levels of students to our music school, by providing music lessons for children, teenagers, and adults.  We enjoy teaching first-time beginners who are taking their first musical steps; intermediate musicians looking to improve their musical skills by learning more advanced music theory, sight reading, and performance technique, or more advanced musicians focusing on auditions, recitals, and college scholarships or entrance exams.  We are proud to mention that one of our former voice students was cast in a 2018 movie, and spent 6 weeks on-location filming her role.  We're currently preparing another student to take their Juilliard audition, for entrance into their music and drama program.

We understand how intimidating learning to play an instrument can be, so we take the extra time needed to work at the students own pace, without making them feel rushed, or like they're falling behind.  This is a proven approach for teaching children, as well as adults.  Our goal is to make music fun to learn and play.

Our music school has 12 private teaching studios, a comfortable waiting room, and plenty of parking.  All of our instructors have advanced music degrees, and to ensure your safety we perform background checks and drug screen all instructors.

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