Music Instructors

Each of our instructors hold advanced music degrees, or decades of performance experience, and are carefully selected for their teaching abilities. 

Adela Jacobsen


Adela has been with Avalon for the past 8 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Piano Performance.  She has been teaching for the past 30 years, and loves helping people play the piano.

Andrew Segrest

Piano & Organ

Andrew teaches piano & organ for Avalon. He earned his Masters Degree of Music from U.N.T. and enjoys teaching all levels of players, from beginners, all the way to advanced performers preparing for competitions. 

Simon Buckner 


Guitar, Bass

The owner of the school actively posts guitar and bass instruction videos on YouTube, where his lessons have been viewed almost 1 Million times during a 12 year period.

Steve Gottlieb

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin

Steve specializes in classical guitar, and can also teach Rock, Country, Blues, and Jazz styles.  He teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced players and excels at sight reading, music theory and physical technique.

Jeremy Parker

Drums, Percussion

Jeremy has played drum set and concert percussion for 36 years. He has been teaching drum set, concert snare, and marimba for 26 years.  His students also learn to read sheet music, composition, and how to decipher charts.

Friederike Lehrbass


Friederike Lehrbass is a Suzuki certified violin instructor who taught at the University of Redlands for 4 years.  She has studied with many notable violin instructors including Ed Persie, Nona Pyron and Noemy Wheeler when she lived in California.

Isiak Holiday Jr.

Voice and Piano

Isiak was previously the Choral Director at Royce City High School.  During that time he constantly improved both the men's and women's UIL competition rankings, finally attaining a 1 ranking.  Isiak teaches both voice and piano for beginning, intermediate and advanced students

Dennis Fratti

Bass & Cello

Dennis has recently moved to Wylie from the North East, and brings with him over 20 years of Double Bass, Orchestral Bass and Cello experience.

Dennis' experience spans over 20 years including teaching at the university, high school and private level.

Maria Sousalima

Voice and Vocal Coaching

Maria enjoys teaching young students who are just starting to find their voice; middle and high school students who wish to develop their vocal capabilities for choir, plays and musicals; and mature students who have always wanted to sing but just never had the time.


David Saborio


David earned his BA from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He teaches all styles of guitar, and  specializes in jazz, fusion, classical, and rock guitar.  He's been teaching for a number of years, and is dedicated to teaching the correct mechanics of playing, and well as sight reading, and music theory. 

Renata Duff.jpg

Renata Duff


Renata has been teaching locally for the past 6 years, and splits her time between her own private practice, and our school.  Renata enjoys teaching students of all ages in the art of piano playing, with an emphasis on the proper technical instrument playing skills, music theory and musicality.  

Music lessons in-person, or online via Zoom