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Piano Lesson in Allen, TX

Piano Lesson in Allen, TX

Grand Piano Lessons
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Beginner piano lessons introduce foundational skills like finger placement and reading sheet music, guiding students through scales, chords, and basic melodies. With practice and patient instruction, these lessons pave the way for musical exploration and expression.

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Intermediate piano lessons delve deeper into musical theory, expanding on techniques like chord progressions, improvisation, and advanced repertoire. Students refine their skills through challenging pieces and develop a deeper understanding of musical expression and interpretation.

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Advanced piano lessons focus on refining technique, interpretation, and mastering complex pieces from various musical periods. Students explore nuanced aspects of performance, honing their skills through intensive practice and studying under experienced instructors.

Easy to Access

Avalon Music is conveniently located with quick access to the following:

Great Clips

Eggsquisitie Cafe
Safari Kid
Creme de la Creme

Distance to Local Schools

Green   ....................    0.8 miles
Evans    ....................    2.8 miles
Rasor    ....................    1.8 miles
Hedgecoxe    ........    2.5 miles
Beverly    ................    2.7 miles
Andrews    .............    3.1 miles
Norton    .................    1.2 miles
Boon    .....................    1.1 miles
Kerr    .......................    1.5 miles
Cheatham    ..........    2.3 miles
Ereckson MS    ....    1.0 miles
Allen HS    ..............    4.0 miles

Meet Our Piano Instructors in Allen, TX

At Avalon School of Music, our piano instructors in Allen Texas are truly exceptional. With a diverse group of teachers boasting advanced degrees and decades of experience, they create a warm and encouraging environment where students thrive. Their expertise spans various musical styles and techniques, ensuring that each student receives personalized guidance tailored to their unique learning journey. Whether beginners or seasoned players, our instructors inspire a love for music while nurturing talent and fostering growth.

Piano Instructor

Allen - Piano


Ann has over 35 years of teaching experience and holds a Master’s Degree in Music. She has taught various music courses at Victoria College and Trinity Episcopal School. As a church organist/choir director, she has guided students to achieve notable success in competitions and festivals, including significant scholarships. Ann fosters a love for music and beauty in her students, creating an encouraging environment, especially during adolescence. She believes in the joy of making music together and sees music as a timeless gift that enriches lives indefinitely.

Omar - Music Instructor - Avalon School of Music

Allen - Piano, Guitar, Oud


Omar is an internationally recognized music educator, composer, director, and performer with over 28 years of experience in Music Education. Omar received his master’s degree in music education in 2010, and he regularly works with students of all ages and levels. Omar focuses on reading and playing music by ear using fun games and other non-traditional methods to make music learning fun and fast! Omar has a warm personality and is great to learn from! Omar's innovative teaching approach has garnered him acclaim from students and colleagues.

Piano Instructor

Allen - Piano


Claudia Clark received her Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Performer's Certificate in Flute from the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University. She has performed in many competitions and ensembles for more than 20 years on the piano, flute, clarinet, and string bass. Claudia has taught piano for nine years, and has a passion for teaching piano to young students and wants them to have fun while they learn! She enjoys getting to know her students and tailoring her teaching style to their individual needs.

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