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Avalon School of Music
Wylie, TX

Piano Lessons

Music Lessons in Wylie, Texas

Violin lessons

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201 Hooper Road

Wylie, TX 75098

Are you looking for a music school near where you live? 
We have students enrolled in music lessons from the local area including:

Wylie, Murphy, Sachse, Rowlett, Allen, Lavon, Parker, Plano, Garland, Lucas, Richardson, Rockwall, St. Paul, Nevada, Copeville, and Royse City

We offer the following instruments:
Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin, Cello,
Viola, Saxophone, Electric Bass, Jazz Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Clarinet

We have lessons for children starting at 6 years old. We enjoy teaching adults of all ages.  It's never too late to start enjoying music lessons.  

Monday - Thursday 2-8 PM
Friday 2-6:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM

Discounted tuition for home schoolers before 4 PM


For the past 15 years, we've been teaching music lessons in the greater Wylie, Murphy, Sachse area, and have had the pleasure of counting over 3,000 students & families as our alumni.  Our mission is to provide the best lessons, taught by the best instructors, at a fair price.

We're a full service music school.  What does that mean ?  Our lesson plans are designed to offer each of our students the following key elements of learning a musical instrument, or developing their voice:

Sight Reading - All of our students will learn to read standard sheet music notation.  For our younger students this isn't really a barrier to progressing, but learning to read music by sight is often a roadblock for adults, and the frustration caused by sight reading is the number one reason adults quit music lessons.  Our approach is to work at the students own pace, and move forward only when they have fully grasped the concept of the lesson.  Our goal is to help students overcome the obstacles in the way of reading sheet music, and to help our students become proficient sight readers.  After all, once you can sight read, the whole written library of music becomes available to you.

Rhythm - In order for a student to be able to play an instrument (or sing) they need a good understanding of how rhythm supports the melody and harmony of a piece of music.  We'll help develop your internal metronome by having you count out loud, and tap your feet & hands, so you can feel the pulse of the music.

Ear Training (aural skills) - Learning to listen to music; actually hearing the notes that are being played, by different instruments, is essential to musical success.  We'll teach you relative pitch, which will allow you to distinguish musical intervals between notes, so that you'll be able to understand and play more easily.  Unfortunately we can't teach perfect pitch.  As a general rule, people over the age of 6 can't develop perfect pitch, but we can all develop relative pitch with enough practice.

Technique - Learning good technique is important firstly to avoid injury, but most importantly to support your development of speed, accuracy and timing, rhythm and volume control.  The proper technique allows the combination of mind and body to produce excellent musical tone, and emotional expression.  Excellent technique brings written music to life.

Memorization - Learning to play a song from memory frees a student to play with more freedom, and to play the music more enjoyably.  For some students, memorizing a piece is easy, but for others its a struggle.  Everyone is a little different, so we spend time with each student to develop their memorization skills at their own pace.

Music Theory & Improvisation - As Beethoven said "In order to break the rules, first you must learn the rules".  And he's right.  A good working knowledge of music theory will allow you to understand how music "rules" were documented, and how we can use these "rules" to create new and interesting songs.  We use the term "rules" because they're not really rules based in science, but rather, they are the collective experience from other musicians who have contributed their knowledge to allow us to understand how music is created.

Our music instructors love teaching and it shows!

voice lessons
Piano Lessons
Guitar lessons

About Us...

We welcome all ages and skill levels of students to our music school, by providing music lessons for children, teenagers, and adults.  We enjoy teaching first-time beginners who are taking their first musical steps; intermediate musicians looking to improve their musical skills by learning more advanced music theory, sight reading, and performance technique, or more advanced musicians focusing on auditions, recitals, and college scholarships or entrance exams.  We are proud to mention that one of our former voice students was cast in a 2018 movie, and spent 6 weeks on-location filming her role.  We're currently preparing another student to take their Juilliard audition, for entrance into their music and drama program.

We understand how intimidating learning to play an instrument can be, so we take the extra time needed to work at the students own pace, without making them feel rushed, or like they're falling behind.  This is a proven approach for teaching children, as well as adults.  Our goal is to make music fun to learn and play.

Our music school has 12 private teaching studios, a comfortable waiting room, and plenty of parking.  All of our instructors have advanced music degrees, and to ensure your safety we perform background checks and drug screen all instructors.

We have a simple approach to teaching music lessons:

  • Choose the instrument you'd like to learn to play

  • Sign up for a free Meet & Greet lesson, and meet one of our instructors

  • Spend some time with the instructor, and ask them all about taking lessons

  • Select the time & day that best meets your schedule

  • Start attending lessons, and enjoy learning how to play

Why Choose Avalon School of Music ?

Music Lessons Near Me

Great experience. We enrolled our twin sons (age 7) to learn piano and guitar. They both enjoy their music lessons and are very fortunate to have wonderful teachers. Very professional place with a warm and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

Mihaela, Parent

Wonderful Place to learn Instruments! Mr. Steve and Mr. Jeremy - You both are amazing teachers one can think of and my son is fortunate to have you at this music school. 1 Million Stars for this place.

Kumar, Parent

This is hands down the best place to learn a new instrument, advance current skills and make new friends. Very nice, knowledgeable and easy to do business with.

Craig, Student


# of Lessons Taught in last 12 months

In Business Since 2005,

Local Business,

Veteran Owned

Ready to Sign Up For
Your Free lesson ?

And Now, Some Helpful Information About Taking Music Lessons...

And Myths...

And Tips...

What are music lessons ?

Sheet music on music stand

The most basic questions we answer regarding music lessons is; what are music lessons; what should I expect from lessons, and what will I learn ?

Music lessons are designed to teach you how to play a musical instrument; How to use the correct technique to physically play an instrument; to understand music notation and to read music sheet, and how music theory describes how music harmony and melody are utilized.  Lessons are taught in a manner to introduce each of these elements to the student in a specific order that has been shown to produce the best results for the student.

How much do Music Lessons Cost ?

Piano Keys

As a general guide, private music lessons cost about:


Beginner level lessons

  • 30 minute lessons are $30-40

  • 60 minute lessons are $60-75

Intermediate to advanced level lessons

  • 30 minute lessons are $45-60

  • 60 minute lessons are $75-100

Prices depend upon location, availability and geographic considerations.

Learn to Play the Piano in just 28 Days !

con man.jpg

Myth - Sure, you can learn to play the piano in 28 days, or 3 weeks, or whatever the latest sales pitch is, but your repertoire will be chopsticks, or a few basic chords like C, G, F.

The truth is it takes most people many years to learn how to play the piano.  Intuitively we all know that, but wouldn't it be nice if we could just walk up to the piano, and play beautifully after just a few lessons. 

If you're truly interested in playing the piano, set your expectations correctly, and give it a minimum of 6 months.  You can usually tell if you're making progress at the 6 month mark.  And don't give up too early!  You can learn to play piano with some time, and patience, and regular practice.

No need for a music teacher, use free lessons on YouTube!

Compass on map

Partially true.  I love YouTube!  Some of the music instructors posting videos are fantastic.  In fact, I recommend some content publishers in my blog.  

But there are a couple of big problems with using YouTube for music lessons.  Firstly, the content provider can't see what your doing with your hands.  Are you playing and holding the instrument correctly ?  Using the correct fingers, in the correct hand positions ?  Are you forming bad habits that will limit your progress ?

Secondly, how do you know where to start ?  Do you have a roadmap of which areas to study first ?  What order makes the best sense for you ?  An instructor can help you map your musical goals, and help you get there faster.

How can I ensure my child progresses quickly with their music lessons ?


Tip - Whether its a parent, a guardian, grandparent or older sibling, children will make the fastest progress, and learn to play their musical instrument optimally when they receive positive reinforcement, and are encouraged to practice their instrument on a regular schedule.  Even if they're only able to practice for 15 minutes a day, it will help them in the long run.

We encourage parents to be involved, follow-up on practice habits, and make sure their children are getting the results they are expecting.  Our instructors talk to you frequently about your child's progress, and where they may need to spend more time practicing, and their recent accomplishments.

Should I buy an older piano from craigslist, or a keyboard for piano lessons ?

Piano Keys

Tip - Buying a used piano is a big, and often costly, decision.  On the outside used pianos look the same to most people.  Think of them as used cars.  A 40 year old piano is like a used car with 200k on the odometer.  Its going to break down sooner than later, and repairs are costly.  Run away.


A better option is to buy an 88 key weighted keyboard.  It will cost a little more, maybe $600 to $800, but its a much better investment.  We recommend Yamaha keyboards due to their build quality, and touch sensitivity for beginners.  We don't sell them.  Just recommend them.  A model like the Yamaha P-125 is a great beginner keyboard.

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