5 steps on how to get started with music lessons

The most basic questions we are asked regarding music lessons are; what are music lessons; what should I expect from lessons, and what will I learn ?

Step 0 - Pick a Music Instrument!

It sounds simple, but try to pick one instrument at first to focus your efforts.  We see many students who just aren't sure what instrument they want to play.  If you can't make a single choice, then we'll help you narrow down your selection.  For most people, they generally want Voice, Piano or Guitar lessons.  Starting with one of these 3 will help you decide if you like music lessons.  We offer a free meet & greet lesson to help you decide which instrument is right for you.

Our Music lessons are designed to teach you how to play a musical instrument; How to use the correct technique to physically play an instrument; to understand music notation and to read music sheet, and how music theory describes how music harmony and melody are utilized.  Lessons are taught in a manner to introduce each of these elements to the student in a specific order that has been shown to produce the best results for the student.


Is my child old enough for music lessons ?

This answer really depends upon each individual child.  Usually sometime between 5 and 6 a child will develop the skills to pay attention to instructions for 20 minutes or so, follow a teacher, and be capable of self-focusing on a task without too much external distraction.  Once this milestone is reached, your child is ready for music lessons, but we do ask that a parent sit in on the lessons to assist with normal re-focusing type activities.


If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ page. 

Step 1

Set up a "Meet & Greet" Lesson

The first step is to set up your free "Meet & Greet" lesson so we can set up a meeting with your new instructor, and discuss what your goals are, and how they can help you with those goals. 

Step 2

Prepare for the "Meet & Greet" Lesson

Prior to attending, prepare a small list of questions to ask the instructor.  Questions like their teaching approach, experience with your situation (young child, adult with travel schedule, etc.), homework expectations, teaching books they like to use, etc.

Step 3

Attend the "Meet & Greet" Lesson

Stop by the main office to introduce yourself (and children) to our administrative staff.  We'll greet you, and explain a little about the school, and answer any questions you may have.  We'll also walk you to your instructors studio, and introduce you.  As the lesson proceeds, make sure your personalities mesh, and you will enjoy working with them for many years to come.  If you have any issues, please make them known to the front desk staff, and we'll make things right.

Step 4

Review the student agreement

During the "Meet & Greet" lesson you'll be provided with a student agreement, FAQs about the school policies, and payment agreement. Take this packet home, and complete the questions.  Leave any questions blank that you're not sure about, and we'll help you during your next lesson.

Step 5

Schedule your recurring lessons

If everything went well, we'll look forward to your enrollment with Avalon School of Music, and earning the privilege of teaching you how to play your chosen musical instrument.